Experiments with Processing / 10.2018




I have begun learning Processing in a bid to further my knowledge into programming and digital art. I will be posting the results here as learn.


Floating Bubbles / 13.10.2018

Studio Yes / 14.10.2018

Thump Trump / 15.10.2018

There's Wally / 16.10.2018

Pixel Blur / 17.10.2018

Painting Paradise / 18.10.2018

Smoke Rises, Waterfalls / 22.10.2018

Golden Seedhead / 23.10.2018

Floating Bubbles / 13.10.2018




This first example is the result of watching Daniel Schiffmann's introduction to Processing. Concepts introduced included loops, arrays, functions and object oriented programming. I combined what I had learned over the course of a few days to create this small program. Please click the bubbles!


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